Torrent sites are popular for sharing files and documents peer to peer. You cannot download any file from any torrent site. If you want to download torrent file, then you need to use an application. The most popular application is uTorrent. People are interested to use IDM (Internet Download Manager) for downloading torrent files and that is why, some people ask question of how to download torrent files in IDM. IDM does not give such facility to download any file from torrent. You can download different files from other source using IDM but some users use some tricks to download torrent files from Torrent sites.
You cannot download any files from torrent using IDM directly and for this reason, you have to take help from other sites and the site what you can use to download torrent file. You have to download the torrent root file from a torrent site and you have to add the torrent file in the site You have to wait for a while to get a download link and copy the download link and paste it in the IDM application and start downloading. The website Torrentz2 for uploading torrent file and downloading via IDM.